Monday, April 21, 2008

Whip it like a towel.

Amanda was gone most of the weekend and I was busy with workouts, preparing my vegetable garden plot, attending a friend's cocktail party, and then the UFC. I worked Sunday, so here we are catching up.

On Saturday I went to CrossFit at 8:30 a.m. and we did a birthday workout for one of the regulars; 600 meter run, 41 pull ups, 41 squats, 41 burpees, 600 meter run, 41 wallball, 41 box jump, 41 push press and 600 m run. I finished in something like 36 minutes, 13 slower than the next slowest person...BUT I did this workout to prescription which is a major accomplishment. No band pull ups or box step-ups, all 100% legit. I was about to quit on this one before we started because my back was so sore from pull ups on Wednesday but I thought, "fuck it, I'd rather do five pull ups and fail than face doing 123 jumping pull ups." Amazingly, I did 41 kipping pull ups in sets of two or three. The mind is strong.

After that I ran some errands, ate lunch, and headed to Throwbacks for the Saturday workout. I dozed off in the back of my truck waiting for people to show up and only rolled for 15 minutes before having to head to Self Defense Systems for my private lesson with Jerry Smith. We worked on the slip kick, a deceptively powerful kick delivered to the leg or groin that allows a fighter to cross the gap while scoring/doing damage, and it sets up punch combinations beautifully. I was off balance and swinging the kick slowly when Jerry said, "Snap it like a towel," and BOOM, I had it. I need to remember that when I am using Thai kicks. The slip kick is pure Jeet Kune Do/American kickboxing, and I think it's something I can use to great effect against taller fighters.

Today I crushed a fruit salad, a turkey/avocado sammich, a cheeseburger, protein shake, and some pizza and washed it down with a mix of soda and water. Sounds like a lot but my portions were pretty reasonable...until dinner.

Jeff wanted to hammer in the proper form for jumping pull ups tonight so we did a 235 meter run, 12 thrusters, 12 jumping pull ups, 12 double unders, 435 meter run, 18 thrusters, 18 jumping pull ups, 18 double unders, 600 meter run, 24 thrusters, 24 jumping pull ups, 24 double unders. I finished around 19.5 minutes.


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