Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I was annoyed when I scraped skin off my left knee and right shin while doing deadlifts today. But I was astounded when I looked up at my hand after the workout and saw that one of my callouses had been ripped clean off by the texture on the bar.

Diet 8 a.m. Half a Naked juice and a homemade sausage muffin with egg and cheese. 11 a.m. Grilled chicken salad with shaved walnuts and a bottle of Switch. If I ever kick the soda habit for good, I'm going to send the CEO a thank you note. 3 p.m. Banana and water. 8 p.m. Part of a frozen pizza, steamed vegetables.

Strength & ConditioningAfter scolding me and a few other people about shitty pull up form and effort on Monday, Jeff hit us with a workout that looked manageable on the dry-erase board but was a bear two minutes in. 21-15-9, 225# deadlift and pull ups. I did band pull ups for the first round and a half and then switched to jumping pull ups. I finished in something like 14:58.

Skills None.

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