Monday, April 28, 2008

Hell's treadmill never stops

Not a super eventful day unless you count morning CrossFit, work, and getting deadlines on two freelance magazine stories (three weeks + 4,000 words = pressure). I ate a lot today but never really felt stuffed, and I feel good about what I ate with the exception of dinner. I really really really hate leaving work and being forced to run around until 8 or 9 p.m. at night.

Diet 8 a.m. Homemade smoothie (locally produced organic milk, frozen berries, EAS Whey protein). 10 a.m. PB&J. Noon My friend took me out for a late birthday lunch. Small beef with broccoli and a bowl of hot & sour soup. 4 p.m. Bowl of chicken and vegetable curry over rice and greens. 8 p.m. Arby's.

Strength & Conditioning 21-15-9. 135# sumo deadlift high pull, box jumps, double unders, 400 meter row. I couldn't catch my breath but I finished in 17-ish minutes. I've got pull ups and box jumps, now double unders is the next exercise I need to start performing as prescribed. I rode my bike to work this morning but chucked in in the back of my truck when Amanda came downtown this evening.

Skills Nada.

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