Thursday, April 3, 2008

I am wrecked.

I got to bed late last night and I am very sore and very tired because of it. I had to knock out a story for a magazine...and catch "The Ultimate Fighter" season premiere. I did some food prep but didn't get lunch made for today. I have to go out and work tonight and I am considering taking a nap tonight instead of heading to Throwbacks. Actually that's bullshit, I'm going to go do my workout.

Diet Diet Ham and eggs, avocado slices, grapes. Super hungry this morning. Noon Two slices of pizza, water. Still super hungry. 7 p.m. Baked chicken over a large greens salad with green pepper, tomato, kidney and black beans. 9 p.m. Ham sandwich. I had a beer at the bar later. I don't think a Bell's Oberon is in my meal plan buuuuuuuut fuck it.

Strength & Conditioning Jogged to warm up, did my three sets of tens, and shadow boxed three five-minute rounds. Pat wasn't at the gym so everyone was left to their own devices.

Skills I focused on staying in the pocket while shadowboxing - tucking my chin into my shoulder, throwing straight punches, keeping my hands up, bobbing and weaving in, throwing combinations inside and retreating with punches. I worked with Ian Ransburg for a bit on basic Muay Thai footwork and kick mechanics afterwards. It wasn't a particularly rough workout but a few months ago I would have skipped it altogether in favor of rest.

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