Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weird Week

It's been a weird week. I stepped away from training for a few days for several reasons. First and foremost I wanted to give my rib some time to mend. It wasn't excruciating just walking around but pulling/pushing/lifting/turning was way uncomfortable and I didn't want to aggravate it before going to Cincinnati. That's another thing - I leave tomorrow to work on a story for FIGHT! in Ohio. I'll be gone Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I also had to crank out a story on short notice for MMA Junkie and keep chugging on a second assignment for FIGHT! I was gearing up for a fight that got cancelled so now I have to wait until March. On top of all that I got some shitty news at work and wasn't offer the other job I interviewed for so my spirits have been low. I've been trying to help out more with wedding planning and catching up on sleep. This project is become a very long grind but I've made a good deal of progress - my cardio is getting better, my endurance is improving, I'm stronger, and my walk-around weight is 10-12 pounds less than when I started. Not Hydroxycut commercial-like results, but as I said in the beginning, this is about a long-term lifestyle overhaul, not short-term results.

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