Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Inexplicably Draggin' Ass

A few of us jog around the mat warming up and Pat starts badmouthing some of the guys' upcoming opponents, pauses, looks at me and says, "And fuck whoever you're fighting in February." Pat's starting to expect more from me now which is both good and bad. My capacity for work is expanding but I have inexplicable bad days when I am just dragging ass in spite of a good night's sleep and decent food. My rib hurts bad.

Diet 6 a.m. Granola bar, water. 10 a.m. LeanCuisine rice & beans. Noon Indian buffet - greens, rice, curried vegetables, and bread. Delish. 4 p.m. Banana, water. 6:30 p.m. Amanda and I met an old friend and his wife for pizza, mahfacka.

Conditioning Forty-five minutes on the treadmill at the Y, three rounds of sparring at Throwbacks, a couple rounds of bag work.

Skills Working a lot on crossing the gap against bigger fighters, throwing tighter punches inside, throwing punches in bunches.

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