Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Reverse Lay 'n' Pray

Lay 'n' Pray is the term fight fans use to describe grapplers who get a reasonably dominant position o the ground and do just enough to avoid getting stood up but never push the action. Today after four rounds of boxing sparring, we drilled submissions a little and then we rolled. Twenty minutes in I began employing what I call the reverse Lay 'n' Pray. This is where I lay on my back and try to control a much more experienced MMA fighter while he tries to pass my guard and apply various submissions. It didn't really work but I was so damn gassed it was a struggle just to fight off submission attempts.

On a side note, after reading Ken Pavia's Lifefood cleansing fast journal, I have come to the conclusion that A) 99% of colon-cleansing therapies are phoney baloney, and B) regular jiu jitsu training will keep you regular in spite of yourself. All the torqueing and compression of the abdomen mechanically stimulates digestion. Hard training literally kicks the crap out of you.

More details tomorrow.




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