Tuesday, January 8, 2008


My knee still hurt bad but there is more mobility in the joint than there was when I went to sleep. I slept in (10 hours - booyah!) and had to rush to work without prepping any food. At the very least I avoided soda today. Small victories, right?

Ice, compression, elevation and liniment on the knee again tonight. Hopefully swelling will subside soon. There is pain when I put weight in it but it's just a deep bruise. No fluid build up or anything. There is no reason I can't lift and train on it tomorrow.

Diet 11 a.m. Gatorade. 12:30 p.m. Two slices of pepperoni, two breadsticks, water. What can I say? NY style pizza is like crack to me. 7 p.m. Indian takeout - channa masala, aloo ghobi, vegetable pakoras, naan, water.

Conditioning Forty-five minute walk at the Y in ye olde vinyl suit.

Skills Nada.

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