Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two days and counting.

Bruce Lee wrote and talked at length about how martial artists should be in peak physical condition. While few people have the genetics, time, and discipline to achieve the level of conditioning Lee did, I am starting to understand the value of being in better than average shape. While it's totally possible for a slow, overweight, sickly person to practice martial arts, that person cannot be a fighter. The distinction is an important one. It's true that street defense and ring sports are two very different expressions of martial skill, but I don't think that you can do one without preparing for the other. You can't seriously pursue a fighting art without fighting, and you can't fight well (in a gym or ring/cage) for any period of time without being in superior physical condition. My ideal is the martial artist/fighter - the person who has advanced skills, a deep philosophical and mechanical understanding of what it is he or she is doing, and has developed the ability to express those skills successfully through frequent full contact training or competition.

Diet 8 a.m. Ham sandwich. Money's tight, we're down to leftovers and scrounging in the cubboard, haha. 11 a.m. Banana. 1:30 p.m. Chicken curry over rice. 4:30 p.m. Apple. 7 p.m. Steak burrito and soda at Qdoba. I've upped my water intake back to at least a half gallon a day.

Strength & Conditioning Nada.

Skills Three rounds of shadow boxing, focusing on throwing lots of punches. Two rounds of focus pad work with Pat. My back kept locking up but I felt like gold afterwards.

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