Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Winners never quit.

When I was in elementary school I got tagged as a kid with enough natural ability to skate by without putting in much effort. That stayed with me for a while even as I busted ass to accomplish what was important to me outside of school and normal extracurriculars. But like a lot of people I took measured risks, put myself on the line when I felt I had a reasonable chance of success. So for months I've been on this rocky ride, pushing into uncomfortable physical, mental, and emotional territory on a daily basis and it's changing me. Positively, I think. I don't sweat small small shit as much, I don't throw up my hands in frustration as quickly, I just keep my head down and grind. Each day I can grind a little longer and it gets a little easier.

Diet 8 a.m. Small bowl of oatmeal, sausage, egg and cheese sandwich, smoothie. I started taking fish oil capsules and multivitamins each morning. 11:30 a.m. Raw tuna over greens. Noon That last feeding was way too nutricious so I ate a bag of chips, two cookies, and a soda.

Strength & Conditioning CrossFit was brutal today. Four hundred meter run, 10 hand stand push ups, 20 35# dumbell thrusters, 30 box jumps (I did step-ups), three rounds for time. I finished in 22:17. The first round was ok, I didn't take more than a couple seconds' break along the way. Rounds two and three were tough.

Skills Nada.

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