Sunday, March 2, 2008

off day / food prep

Driving to Bloomington today to do an interview for an International Tattoo Art magazine story. Watched video of Silva's win over Dan Henderson this morning - I wonder how long it will take for fighters to start taking technical boxing/kick boxing seriously. I also wonder how many really great stand up coaches are out there anymore.

I'm still really sore from Friday's CrossFit. I'm not going to be super active today and I am going to do the ice/heat routine tonight. After I get all my work-related stuff done it's on to food prep for this upcoming week.


Naptown Chris said...

I'm pretty sure that Rampage's coach is good at the standup game - and that happened to be the same guy Henderson was using.

What amazed me about that fight was how much better Anderson's G&P has gotten.

I can't wait to start training at this stuff...

Neal Taflinger said...

Yeah, Juanito Ibarra is great. I'd like to see more guys cross train with boxing coaches and other strikers. Muay Thai is great but it doesn't address a lot of things.