Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Be cognizant of dissipation.

I sparred four rounds with Dom today and got hit with a lot of really badly telegraphed punches. He hit me with a lot of other punches, too, but he was setting me up, I could see it coming, and I still couldn't counter effectively. I did ok, I guess, I just see problems that need to be fixed before Gloves. Pat talked to me about being cognizant of throwing fast punches when I shift my weight back and forth and not letting the power dissipate by throwing punches when I am off balance. I think he tore two sheets from his vocabulary calendar this morning.

After the workout I got home and felt really weak and woozy. I didn't start to perk up until

Diet 8 a.m. Homemade sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich. 10 a.m. Soda, raisins and peanuts. Noon Fucking pizza again. Water to drink. 2 p.m. Raisins and peanuts. 4:30 p.m. Orange. 7 p.m. Soda, salad, chicken alfredo.

Strength & Conditioning 4x 3:00 of sparring, approx. 15 minutes of shadowboxing and 15 minutes of jump rope.

Skills Working hard on getting inside a fighter's reach advantage and throwing hooks and overhand rights.

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