Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Grind? What grind?

I woke up on Monday morning and felt like a pile of hot garbage. I have now gotten four good nights of sleep in a row and I am finally feeling human again. I skipped my MMA workouts this week to give my body a chance to really recover - I no longer feel any aches, pains, or bruises - and I pushed my Velocity workouts back to Thursday and Saturday morning. My diet has been ok by current standards - no real junk, lots of vegetables, protein, but the big victory is that I am going on 72 hours of no soda. It's been a day or two here, a day or two there, but I am waging the final battle for my soul this week. I'd had a can or two of lemonade the last few days so I am not completely off refined sugar, but the carbonation/caffeine/sugar mix is the demon I am trying to exorcise. Back to Velocity in the morning.

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