Wednesday, October 17, 2007


After 72 hours without soda, a cold, refreshing cup of willpower-crippling carbonation is DELICIOUS. One cup satisfies the craving and I am good for another couple of days. Work was mind-numbing today, justifiying this whole project and the desire to squeeze something more meaningful out of my days on earth.

Diet 8 a.m. Spaghetti with meat sauce, bread, and a side salad. I was starving. Noon Hamburger and fries from the Front Page. God bless the Front Page. Water to drink. 6 p.m. Tuna salad sandwich, chips, and a cookie after my Throwbacks workout. 10 p.m. Amanda and I went to a screening at Herron School of Art downtown and we were both hungry. I had two pieces of pizza, a couple breadsticks, and one delicious Coca Cola.

Conditioning Forty five minutes of uptempo work at Throwbacks. Knee sparring, focus pad work, and eavy bag work for long stretches.

Skills Worked more on the Thai clinch - where a fighter clutches the back of his or her opponents skull and "clinching" the forearms on the neck, resting the elbows on the collarbone. It's a fantastic method of controlling your opponent, and I am mostly powerless to defend it when I am working with much stronger wrestlers. These guys are all much stronger than me and it's frustrating. I concentrated a lot on footwork while working out on the heavy bag - I realized how shuffly my footwork is. Need to fix that.

I have more pictures to post, I will get them up asap.

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