Thursday, November 1, 2007

No Soda Death March

Here's an interesting essay by acclaimed playwright David Mamet on MMA. If you aren't familiar with Mamet, google the phrase "coffee is for closers."

I am more than halfway through my fourth day with zero soda. Yesterday felt like a death march but I am catching a second wind today. Slept through my alarm, and thus, my Velocity workout. I don't know if it is a seasonal change or what but for the last couple of days it has felt like I am pouring water into a bottomless bucket - no amount of sleep makes me feel rested and energized.

Diet 8 a.m. Kashi with milk and strawberries. 11 a.m. Turkey sammich, carrots, chips, water. 1 p.m. Lean Cuisine garlic beef and brocolli and a can of lemonade. Low fat, low calorie, low flavor! 5 p.m. Banana and water.

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