Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Could'a Been a Contendah

I love The Contender. I got around to watching the Alfonso Gomez vs. Ben Tackie fight that aired this week and Teddy Atlas kept talking about how guys like Gomez wouldn't have the level of name recognition he enjoys without the television show. And that's a bad thing? Boxing is like the newspaper industry - planted solidly in the 20th century, wanting to join the present and almost totally incapable of doing so. The Contender introduces club fighters to the world, exposes their different histories, personalities, and styles, and then showcases fights in a way that is easily digestible for casual fans. If not for Hispanic immigrants and a few seasons of Sugar Ray's show boxing would be even worse off than it is.

I love the Sweet Science. Love it with all my heart. I hope that the boxing establishment learns the lessons The Contender has to teach and learns them well. It just might ensure the health of the sport for my children's generation.

Stay tuned - I will be churning out more book reviews and interviews with fighters, trainers, and promoters I am working with.

Diet My feedings were less than spectacular, but considering that I typically drank between 32 and 64 ounces of Dr. Pepper up until a week ago, no soda is today's victory.

Conditioning Upper body strength training at Velocity. I added more weight than normal today, I need to start pushing myself more in my morning workouts.

Skills Nada.

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