Monday, October 22, 2007


John Eckles turned away from me, signifying that our round of sparring was over. "I was waiting for you to show signs of being tired but you didn't," he said. The veteran full contact fighter has been beating my ass for almost a decade, putting heavy hands all over me as I learned to read body mechanics and react without thinking. I've been improving technically for the last several months but I always get gassed after two or three minutes. Today I chased John around the gym for six or seven minutes and felt like I could go a couple more no problem. It was a nice piece of positive feedback for all the strength and conditioning work I've put in.

Diet The weekend was super busy, I pretty much had two "free days."

Conditioning Right after I shampooed.

Skills Worked with John and Bob Jarrett, another old kickboxer, on cutting angles tighter to stifle taller fighters and kickers. Jerry Smith showed me a few things to work on against traditional Muay Thai combinations, but I can't give away all my secrets.

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