Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Very busy

Had to play another two shows this past wekend. It was fun, but it screwed up my sleep schedule and diet. Luckily I didn't slide into total soda debauchery. I took Monday night off of Throwbacks because my f'd up sleep schedule and dramatic reduction of soda intake left me feeling lethargic. Didn't have any soda today and I am feeling better. Monday seemed to be the recovery time I needed.

Diet 8 a.m. Three eggs, scrambled, yogurt. 10:30 a.m. Grapes. 1 p.m. Tuna salad sandwich, chips, carrots. 10 p.m. Qdoba chicken burrito. I drank approximately one and a half gallons of water today, and no soda. Small victories.

Conditioning My but got tougher from eight hours in the cubicle.

Skills Took Bob Mercuri's BJJ class - with so many new people and a grappling tournament coming up on Saturday, Bob split the class up into two groups. Wyatt Tompkins, the big lug I've mentioned before, worked with us on sprawls, giving us several variations to work with depending on whether a guy's got a single leg, a double leg, or a high C, and how deep he's got it. Good stuff, but hard to work at anything less than 75% intensity.

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