Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The only constant is change.

The last few days have been difficult mentally, emotionally, and physically. I jammed my right hand ring finger knuckle rough housing with my dog, Bomber, and am having difficulty making a fist, lifting or turning things with my right hand. Ice, elevation, stretching and compression haven't helped in four days and I am considering going to a doctor to check for a hairline fracture. I decided to leave Velocity for a gym closer to home, which I will write about at greater length later. The cost of time and fuel to get up to Carmel and back twice a week was become prohibitive and I could no longer commit to being there as much as I needed to be. I also did something stupid that endangered my relationship. The details aren't pertinent but I was in danger of losing my fiancee so I took a day off work to take a road trip with her and try to make things right or at least lay some groundwork so that I don't fuck up again in the future. Weeks like this multiply the appreciation I have for all athletes who have to balance their families and personal health and happiness with a training routine that can be disruptive if not downright destructive.

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