Monday, November 26, 2007

Back on the Wagon

It's been a long time, I shouldn't-a left you, without a dope blog to step to. Last week was a bit of a clusterfuck.

Amanda brings supergerms home from the rugrats at school and we spent the better part of the week hacking on the couch. I tried to do my Friday workout at Shok but Jeff sent me home. I guess my face kept flushing and draining and my eyes were rolling around a bit. I normally look and feel like shit during CrossFit workouts but this was next-level type ish.

I took Friday off work and rested for most of the weekend. I feel pretty good today and managed to knock out my 6 a.m. workout with both hands. I am still favoring my right - I can't hit anything and I am getting shooting pains around the break - but I can lift stuff and use the hand normally with a little discomfort.

Further complicating my week was this pesky freelance story. None of my sources wanted to respond to me but I finally pulled it together this morning. It will appear in the next issue of FIGHT!. I'm also trying to hammer out a deal to report on MMA for a prominent blog. Hectic.

This week I am going to plan the next three months of this project. I have made a lot of progress in some areas, in others not so much. Now I need to hit it hard and start planning fights, getting my diet under more control, and proving both my loyal readers with more "extra" content - reviews, interviews and the like.

Diet 5:30 a.m. Small bowl of Kashi with milk. 7:30 a.m. Two pieces of sausage, two scrambled eggs, half a bottle of Naked juice and water. 11 a.m. Grapes. 1 p.m. Turkey sandwich. 3:30 p.m. Small portion of mashed potatoes and carrots. 6:15 p.m. Granola, water, Gatorade 8 p.m. Pizza and steamed vegetables. I drank approximately one gallon of water.

Conditioning I did a 21-15-9 workout at Shok this morning and did a lot of shadowboxing, 300 jabs on the heavy bag, and lunges and push ups at Throwbacks.

Skills Talked boxing with Ian Ransburg, a pro boxer, Thai fighter, and long time training associate of Adam Wilder: hand placement, footwork, and the application of boxing to Muay Thai and MMA.

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