Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just keep moving.

Bomber, in his infinite wisdom, decided that it was better for me to wake up to his intermittent barking between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. than it was to get a solid night's sleep before heading to Shok fitness. Slept in and ate like crap today but I was feeling ok. Last night's workout thrashed my hips and abs. In months or years past I would have packed it in for the night but I figure if I just kee moving it will be ok. I am starting to accept a higher level of discomfort than I was previously willing to.

Diet 9 a.m. Soda. Noon Some kind of fancy Peppercorn Chicken Fajita sandwich, chips, pickle. 7 p.m. Wendy's burger, fries, soda. 9:30 p.m. Small serving of leftover home made Kung Pao chicken and water. This was a "failing to plan is planning to fail" kind of day.

Conditioning Shadow boxing - three days in a row, my back and shoulders are SORE.

Skills Worked on takedowns and pummeling with Jake O'Brien. This is what I love about these guys - a former Big Ten wrestler and UFC veteran is showing me three different finishes off single leg and double leg takedowns. Not begrudgingly, not because Pat is making him work with the n00b, but because he's fucking nice. Answers questions, doesn't make me feel like an idiot, and suggests things that might work for me as a short heavyweight.


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fuck him

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