Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catching Up

Nothing too important happened over the weekend. My diet was crap but there was no soda. Thank God for small miracles.

I slept through my alarm and missed my Shok workout. Our dog Bomber was being an ass and woke me up repeatedly throughout the night. Diet was good - several small meals, a gallon of water, no soda, Gatorade after my one-handed Throwbacks workout. Oh, the one-handed workout. Two long rounds of walking knees, 50/50 kicks, 500 skip knees on the bag, 15 minutes of Muay Thai shadow boxing, 200 sit ups and 60 standing lunges (30 each leg). It's amazing how fast I lost ground with my conditioning. "Wind is perishable," trainer Pat McPherson said. Amanda and I went to the YMCA later and walked on the treadmills. I am helping her get back into a regular gym schedule and the walking helps me work lactic acid out of my legs.

Didn't have a very restful sleep but I didn't have to work out, either. Diet was ok, but I had a celebratory Dr. Pepper with dinner. I was tentatively offered a job that I am really excited about, so I had a little 16 ounce party.

Another bad night of sleep. Bomber is getting crated every night from now own. I made it to Shok a few minutes late, stretched, and hit it hard. I had to work later than normal today, so my MMA workout will have to get pushed to tomorrow. A trip to the YMCA may be in order just to do something.

Diet 7 a.m. Bowl of strawberries, watermelon, grapes and pineapple chunks. 9 a.m. Bottle of Switch - 100% carbonated fruit juice, no added sugars. Still "junk" calories, but I am ok with fruit juice once in a while. 11 a.m.Yogurt cup. 12:30 p.m. Qdoba beef burrito, no rice. 1:15 p.m. Carrots. 5 p.m. Turkey sandwich, Frrrrrrrrrrrrritos.


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Soon there will be more pics. It's hard to take a picture of myself working out. :)