Thursday, May 15, 2008


Pat is encouraging about my jiu jitsu but it gets frustrating when the only measure of progress is how long it takes to get tapped out. "At least you rolled," Pat said after one round. "I mean, I still had your arm but you bought yourself another 20 seconds." I am learning to fight through chokes and joint locks, to keep being explosive when I feel spent, to do that whole cliche "never say die" thing.

Diet 8 a.m. PB&J, chips, chicken noodle soup. Weird breakfast? Surely. Noon French fries. Busy day. 7:30 p.m. Steamed vegetables, spaghetti, garlic bread.

Strength & Conditioning About an hour of grappling, off and on.

Skills Worked on submission defense and positioning, how to break body triangles and chokes, how not to be weak and afraid.

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slideyfoot said...

Encouragement cliche coming up: tapping out is absolutely meaningless, as the only person you should be measuring your progress against is yourself.

What keeps me motivated is working on specific techniques over a period of several weeks/months/years, as that way, I can always make small improvements. Eventual goal is that all those small improvements add up to something big. E.g., you might note "ah, I need to move my hips more", or "right, I'll put my hand here next time": as long as I can take away at least one positive from every session, I'm happy.

Even if I'm getting smashed repeatedly (which has happened plenty of times, particularly as I'm a small guy), then I can still work escapes, or at the very least, ask how I was getting smashed.