Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just 'cos the egg's broke don't mean it's cookin'.

My schedule has been bumper to bumper the last couple of days. On Monday I put on thermals and a sauna suit and hit the treadmill at the Y for 45 minutes. Then it was the 7:15 a.m. workout at CrossFit, home for a protein/fruit smoothie, walk the dog, shower, and ride my bicycle to work. I rode home in the afternoon, chilled out for a bit, wrapped up a freelance story and then worked late on my nightlife article.

I was able to sleep in a tiny bit on Tuesday but I rode my bike to work again (approx. 10 miles round trip) so my legs were shot by the time I got to the gym for Tuesday afternoon's MMA workout. To hear other people tell it I am getting skinnier and my ground game (while still shitty) is improving. I was trying to pass Pat McPherson's guard and I was combining two movements rather than take one and wait for the other. "Knee up is knee up, passing is passing," McPherson said. "Just 'cos the egg's broke don't mean it's cookin'." He told me my breathing is getting better and that I'm not "spazzin' out" when I don't need to. I'll take his word for it. I grabbed dinner when I got home and cleaned up before going out to shoot a video and didn't get home until midnight.

Today was a wash. I need to rest.

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