Friday, May 9, 2008

I cried during CrossFit.

I cried during CrossFit. I admit it. We were doing the Bear - deadlift, hanging clean, push press, full squat equals one rep. Seven reps per round, seven rounds for time. The Bear is on par with man-makers in terms of sheer sadistic abuse. About four rounds in my back is screaming - I turned my toes outward a bit to open my hips during the squat. Everything's good. Except when I bring the bar up and over after the squat I dropped the bar, thus setting myself to turn the 95# deadlift into a Good Morning, lifting the weight with my back. I had trouble standing after round five. I was sweating so much no one could tell that I was crying. I stretched it out, knocked out two more rounds in total agony, and collapsed in a heap. I laid on the mat, swatting at what I thought was a hair in my eye, but it was actually steam rising from my head.


Ryan J. Downey said...

"...but it was actually steam rising from my head." As if that's the first time.

benweger said...

I feel your pain.