Wednesday, September 12, 2007

That's Not Rolling, That's Fighting

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu reminds me of learning to box. It feels more like a spasm than a series of coordinated movements, but I am trying hard to not muscle my way into or out of anything. After all, "that's not rolling, that's fighting," Bob Mercuri says.

Diet Soda is the mindkiller. I am doing good on multiple feedings and water intake, but carbonated sugar water has its talons in me. It's hard to talk shit on junkies and crackheads when I drive around digging for spare change to get a soda and think to myself, "Just this once won't hurt, I can stop when I want to."

Conditioning Missed it. I made it almost four full weeks without skipping a morning session at Velocity but I straight up slept through Tuesday's. Dragonfly kicked my ass. I realized today that sleep really is the foundation of it all. If I don't get enough sleep, I miss workouts, I miss time to prepare food and as a result I make poor food choices and the cycle repeats itself.

Skills Last night's class was awesome. There were four newbies attending so Bob worked with us from our back, drilling the uppa, knee escape and "reacharound" escape as well as the elbow escape when your opponent has the high mount. I felt way more comfortable grappling with guys when I concentrated on working two or three escapes and maintaining good body position and didn't give a shit if I gave up the occasional submission.

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Ryan J. Downey said...

My brother has been obssessed with ASPARTAME, an ingredient found in most diet sodas. GOOGLE IT.