Monday, September 17, 2007

I Feel Good

Today is the first day I have felt good in a month. No soreness, no nothing. I feel strong and rested. I am taking today to recoup before hitting it hard again this week. Conditioning is my top priority - I really think that's the biggest difference between me and circuit fighters.

Diet8 a.m. Two eggs, scrambled, and grapes. Water. 11 a.m. Small portion of chicken alfredo and carrots. Water and 12 ounces of soda. 1 p.m. I was actually hungry and only had one more meal left in my bag, so I got two pieces of cheese pizza from Bazbeaux. Higher quality ingredients than Papa John's, but still, it's pizza, haha. 5 p.m. Small filet of grilled salmon over field greens. 10 p.m. Ending the day on a high note: Totino's pizza. I had something better planned but we had to go to Lowe's, yada yada yada, we didn't get home until a quarter to 10 p.m. I took t

Conditioning Rode my bike to work. Not the gnarliest ride, but I can make it a brisk 30 minute workout.

Skills Nada.

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