Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Shoulders Hurt Just Watching You Guys

Spent an hour in the gym on Thursday with a new kid, Wyatt Tompkins. A lifelong wrestler, Tompkins got the build I always wanted; 6'2", 220#, yoke-broad shoulders. I want to roll and spar with him because I will be fighting bodies that big in virtually every competition I enter. One of the other instructors I rarely see laughed while Wyatt and I tossed the medicine ball. "My shoulders hurt just watching you guys," he said.

Diet Sucks. Work, no sleep, bad planning added up to this week going done the toilet in terms of the quality of my feedings.

Conditioning Eh. Took Thursday off from Velocity because I had to work super late on Wednesday. Did three two-minute rounds of shadow boxing, four two-minute rounds of medicine ball throws, three two-minute rounds on the heavy bag and three two-minute rounds of sparring with Wyatt, one minute breaks between each.

Skills Worked on pushing the gap against a taller fighter and launching my jab with my chin tucked into my shoulder.

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