Saturday, September 15, 2007

Diet Still sucks. Spending time in the lab tomorrow to prepare a meal plan and meals.

Conditioning None outside of dynamic stretching.

Skills Sparring with Wyatt is awesome. He's got decently fast hands and he provides a good template for me to go against bigger guys. I am starting to realize that I have spent years pussy-footing on the edge of the gap, trading punches with people who are bigger and/or faster than me and (understandably) coming up short in the process. I feel comfortable when I stalk on the edge of the gap, maintaining an aggressively defensive posture, launching my weight across the gap behind stiff jabs, putting those bigger and/or faster guys on their heels and punching punching punching punching. My only chance against larger heavyweights is to neutralize physical advantages with technique and overwhelming aggression.

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