Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Velocity Sports Performance: Day Two

This doesn't hurt as much as it did last week.

There is still a great deal of discomfort involved but last week's "oh my god I want to die" has been downgraded to "this really and truly sucks." We got more sleep and the workout doesn't effect me as dramatically.

Chris Powell is at the helm today and we do a lot more core work. Each exercise is manageable by itself but they become extremely difficult when I have to do several of them in rapid succession. I am already starting to feel "freer" through my hips if that makes any sense, frequently bending at the knee and hip instead of compensating with my back. If the first two days are any indication, I can see myself sticking with this kind of athletic training because of the variety of work involved. I don't have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, but I do bore easily.

Tonight is my first night back after several weeks off from training due to an overwhelming professional and personal workload. Two or three hours of jiu jitsu and boxing should put me flat on my back by 10 p.m.

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