Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Step Two

If I am going to condition my body for competitive fighting, become leaner and more powerful, I've gotta fix my diet. When I was a kid I didn't really care for vegetables that weren't corn, potatoes or carrots. I was on an all PB&J/hamburger/spaghetti/pizza diet. Then I was a strict vegetarian from my mid-teens to my mid-20s. I learned to cook and got pretty damn good at it. I ate a wide variety of foods but my diet was still heavy on starch and refined sugar. But I didn't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or use any other drug. I even avoided prescription drugs.

Around my 25th birthday I experienced a pretty big emotional jolt and my lifestyle changed literally overnight. One day I felt like having a cheeseburger and a cocktail and by god I had them. So now my diet is more varied than when I was a kid, but I am just now coming back to center after a couple of years of making poor lifestyle choices simply because I could. I've started by downing a half gallon of water each day, which is actually causing mid-afternoon headaches and mucus drainage. Detoxing is not a pleasant process. More details to come.

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