Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chris Lytle and United Fight League at Conseco Fieldhouse

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It's easy to say this when it's not your money, but last night's United Fight League MMA card at Conseco Fieldhouse was a success even if it wasn't profitable. Approximately 3,000 fight fans filed into the Indiana Pacers' home stadium to watch more than 20 homegrown fighters duke it out, the show ran smoothly (from an observers perspective) and it seemed like everyone went home happy. It was cool to see a local promotion presented as well as it was - from the DJ to the lights and live video boards, Conseco's built in production services helped immensely. My only complaints are minor: more of Papa Schnacke and less of local radio jocks who don't really know how to announce a fight. Also, what's up with Primetime's slogan? "If you are not buying Primetime, you are wrong. Correct yourself!" If that doesn't belong on I don't know what does.

Jeremy Wingler Vs. Dominic Desando
This wrestling match goes down early, but Wingler's not too good
in the mount. Desando slips out the back door twice. The fight goes down again in round two, Desando gets reversed, mounted and pounded. He gives up his back and the ref called it. Wingler by referee stoppage.

Light Heavyweight
Jeremy Steward Vs. James Douglas
Steward is sponsored by a Waffle House franchise, which is pretty badass in my book. he also throws wild punches, one of which opened a cut under Douglas' right eye during a flurry of clenches and takedown attempts in round one. Douglas mounts in round two and wins by referee stoppage.

Victor Batola Vs. Chris Frayer
I want to say that the last minute replacement was named Nick Ditola, but I couldn't make it out over the PA system. Frayer came out and immediately launched a high kick that missed badly. He slipped but recovered quickly by pulling guard and attempting a triangle. He didn't get that but quickly switched to an armbar and Batola tapped. Frayer by submission.

Super Heavyweight
Jeremy "Tiny" Norton Vs. Brian Veach
UFL promoter Keith Palmer must have supersized this fight. Resist that urge the next time you pull in to the drive-through lane, Keith. Lots of wild swings and clutching between these 300 pounders before Tiny fall down go boom. These two flop around for a while before Norton takes the mount and puts it on Veach, who tapped out. Norton by submission due to strikes.

Orville Smith Vs. Steve "The Weasel" Hallock
Smith looks like nothin' stepping into the cage, and together these guys weigh as much as one of Jeremy Norton's Golden Corral helpings. Boo birds started chirping when this fight was slow to get going, but Smith and Hallock went to the ground where Smith beat Hallock's face badly before sinking in a triangle. Smith by submission.

Brent Weedman Vs. Anthony "The Recipe" Lapsley
Former state champion wrestler Lapsley walked to the cage in a neoprene "Gator" mask and came out aggressive, dropping Weedman on his head. He stood up, then took sidemount and dominated, opening a cut on Weedman's forehead with an elbow. Lapsley by Doctor stoppage.

Brian "Voodoo" Dunn Vs. Pat McPherson
Dunn has a lot more experience on paper but McPherson has been training with Integrated Fighting for years and he's got a bitchin' mustache. Advantage McPherson. There is some give and take in round one before McPherson eats a high kick and goes down. I thought he was done for but he bounced right back up. Round two started with a lot of dancing. Amanda pointed out that McPherson sticks Dunn and backed off. He could have ended the fight quickly if he just waded in and dropped a few bombs. McPherson pit Dunn down with knees and dropped into his guard. McPherson fought off an armbar attempt for nearly a minute before escaping and raining down punches. McPherson by decision.

Shaw Bradbury Vs. Darrell "Bulldog" Smith
These guys brought a sense of urgency to the cage. Smith scored a takedown and got reversed, then got side control, transitioned to full mount and put a lickin' on Bradbury until the ref stopped it. Smith by referee stoppage.

Light Heavyweight
Jeremiah "Wood" Adriano Vs. Todd Brown
Wood definitely didn't want to be on his feet. He charged Brown flat-footed over and over again before getting him on the ground. "Wood" fought off a kimura and was saved by the bell in round one but got caught in a triangle in round two. Brown by submission.

Matt Delanoit Vs. Shamar Bailey
More of a submission grappling match than an MMA fight, the highlight was Bailey shooting under a kick to take Delanoit down. Bailey brought a big cheering section who chanted his name. Bailey by decision.

Light Heavyweight
Gary "Iron Bear" Myers Vs. Sam Toole
This was 52 seconds of crap. "Iron Bear" looked like he'd never been in a fist fight before, and after he tapped out due to strikes he retired in the fight too late. Toole by tapout due to strikes.

Nate Moore Vs. Ricco Talamantes
Two former state champ wrestlers race to get to the ground, and Nate Moore wins in the first round. Moore by armbar.

Johnny Rees Vs. Scott Henze
Lots of clinching against the cage before the fighters go down. Rees by submission.

Main Event
Chris Lytle Vs. Matt Brown
Another submission grappling match with not a whole lot stand-up action. Either Lytle didn't want to finish Brown too quick in front of the hometown crowd or Brown, a member of Team Jorge Gurgel, has sick ground skills. A stalemate until Lytle sunk a guillotine in round two. Lytle by submission.

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People started fleeing like rats during Lytle's post-fight interview. It was a good crowd, but 3,000 people isn't going to create gridlock downtown, folks. It's interesting to see how the UFC is pervading male pop culture. You could have opened an Affliction tee shirt warehouse with the amount of product that was in the building, and I saw several guys sporting low-rise mohawks a la "The Iceman." So many "fight gear" companies were represented that it got a little absurd. Think of a name that sounds tough, get a couple stupid slogans, hey, we're a fight gear company! Not really. I met the cat who runs UFC Junkie, which you should check out if you aren't already in the know.

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