Thursday, August 9, 2007

Step One

I have a fitness assesment scheduled on Monday at Velocity Sports Performance in Carmel, Ind. I am steeling myself for some harsh realities. I don't think the trainers know how raw the material they'll be working with is or how much material there is to work with. But I've always been fairly agile, limber and graceful for a big guy. I've got an athlete inside of me, it's just going to take some work to get him out.


RandomV said...

Couple of questions for you...

#1 What weight class are you ultimately hoping to fight at?

#2 Where is your home gym located? I'm seriously interested in getting involved in MMA training.

Neal Taflinger said...

#1 That depends on the organization. Some promotions feature superheavyweight, some stop at heavyweight. I go 250# right now and I want to drop a minimum of 25 lbs. I'll drop to 205# if I can do it without losing power.

#2 Just north of Stop 11 on Meridian in Greenwood. I will be bouncing between several gyms throughout the year.

UFCFAN said...

Hi Neal, I had this idea as well... as a concept rather than for myself, as my wife and 3 kids would not likely approve of the career change.

I think it would be really interesting to see someone attempt the transformation into a professional MMA fighter. The tracking of progress and personal insight you should be able to provide through your blog will be great, I'm sure.

Best of luck, and I will be checking in on your journey.

If you have some down time, check out my UFC/MMA themed blog for some random discussion. (

Take care and good luck!

Neal Taflinger said...

Thanks, ufcfan, I checked out your site. I'd be happy if it was all GSP, all the time! Where are you from up North? I've spent time in Torontuh, Oooottawuh, and Montreal, and loved all three.

Keep checking in. I'll be posting more pictures and videos so you can SEE my progress!